The group "Anonymous International" announced the breaking almost immediately some "LifeNews' employees, including mailbox Aram Gabrelyanov, as well as information from the Facebook account Gabrelyanov (including private messages) and the files of two of his gadgets. Group exhibition put on sale with a starting price of $ 126 000. In an announcement "Anonymous International posted a few interesting pieces of correspondence work.

Here, for example prices for some of the Kremlin commentators - Prokhanov, for example, would cost only 80 thousand rubles in 2014..



Here Gabrelyanov picks himself a penthouse on the Cote d'Azur:



This progressive cmm management of Life News: BGGG, WOW, CHZH, MALES



For theme Gabrelyanov Navalny, according to the correspondence, followed very carefully. Some of the authors of Life and "Izvestia" agree with your boss about your articles Navalny advance - among them Boris Mezhuev. Mezhueva Gabrelyanov commands replace the text "ldprovtsa" on Levicheva, and he obediently changes - in the Proceedings in the end comes the phrase "in this situation may be the most unexpected solutions up to some of the protest vote for Levicheva".




And in this correspondence Kirill Kovalchuk (nephew Yuri Kovalchuk, Vladimir Putin's close friend and co-owner of "Izvestia") sends a request by Vasily Anisimov removed from youtube-channel video of his drunken brawl. From youtube this video was removed, but it remains on the site.



In addition to the work of correspondence in the array there is also a lot of personal photos, including some naked women, prompting the nearest fellow fighter Gabrelyanov Anastasia Kashevarova intercede for the boss in Facebook (and from her post should be that she does not doubt the authenticity of the compromised correspondence):



But the interesting letters, which can be clearly seen as subordinate Gabrelyanov fabricated material about the murder of Nemtsov. Gabrelyanov personally gives instructions to the words of the speakers indicated that the next car behind Nemtsov SBU:





But touching correspondence with the press secretary of the Investigative Markin Committee, where they discuss his fake law degree, designed retroactively (according to the Markin history with a diploma lifted Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman), as well as the fact that the Markin is "in the trend with the theme of the fans" .




The news that the head of the scientific department Vladimir Korjagin advises colleagues to cooperate with due to "shake hands", has caused severe irritation Gabrelyanov Aram:


screenshot_5 (1)


Fragment correspondence with Philip Kirkorov:



From this letter it follows that Kucherena haggling photos Snowden, as many as 100 thousand rubles apiece:



Gabrelyanov bought here this image, which is then used for mobile applications Babo PR Ashot Gabrelyanov:



This photo has not previously published:



And because of this correspondence implies that the arrival quadrocopters Fund's fight against corruption, removing Palace Vyacheslav Volodin, had warned Alexander Lucin, assistant Sergei Mironov and former adviser to the ex-governor of the Tula region Vldaimira Gruzdev. As he learned about Lucin quadrocopters can only guess (BCF reported in The Insider, that about any Lysina not heard before).





The palace of the first deputy head of the president's administration Vyacheslav Volodin, was quite well photographed and it looks like this:



Earlier, The Insider wrote about custom materials in publications Gabrelyanov, as well as a criminal case of raiding, where he and his son Ashot Gabrelyanov were persons involved (which could be one of the key reasons that Gabrelyanov Jr. emigrated from Russia).