Rosmorrechflot requires a USC 667 million rubles for the not-built icebreaker. The culprit is the failure of Nordic Yards Vitaly Yusufov, who got rid of this year from the company.

The trial may reveal old cases Yusufov, who was accused of contract killings, corruption and the use of connections of his father - a senior official Igor Yusufov.

A major scandal erupted: Rosmorrechflot insists on the penalty for the failure of deadlines icebreaker LK-25 "Viktor Chernomyrdin," according to the law 44-FZ on the federal contract system. The ship was supposed to be ready in 2015. Rosmorrechflot paid 7.94 billion rubles.

Interestingly, the third party act included in USC OOO "Baltic Plant - Shipbuilding" (CPB) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosmorport". As it turned out, problems arose from the refusal of the German Nordic Yards shipyard for the construction of the superstructure LK-25.

However, the shipyard is not quite German - it belonged until 2016. Vitaly Yusufov, who got rid of her, to avoid paying a penalty.

Before that, in August 2015, USC due to the difference in exchange rates gave CPB construction of what was to save 1 billion rubles. June 16 USC president Alexey Rakhmanov said that the LK-25 will be delivered in late 2017 - early 2018, the project went up to 1.5 billion rubles. But with the money listed Yusufova, and who will pay the penalty?

Interestingly, in late 2015. CPB demanded by the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) to recover from Nordic Yards 1 million rubles. CPB also requested to oblige the shipyard submit reporting documentation on the work performed by the add-LC-25, which was not done!

In the absence of confirmation of the executed works may be a requirement for the return of funds received by Nordic Yards as an advance. Shortly thereafter Yussufov quickly got rid of the German company.

Nordic Yards

Note that Yussufov previously worked in "Gazprom" structures, including carrying out the project Nord Stream. His father Igor Yusufov, before becoming a special envoy of President, had visited the Minister of Energy and Director Rosrezerva.

In addition, he had served on "Gazprom" Board of Directors. Rumor has it contributed to the acquisition of the German shipyards to Russian entrepreneur.

In August 2013. Nordic Yards has signed a contract with the Baltic plant (part of the USC), in which the German company was to produce a residential block on the superstructure of the world's most powerful non-nuclear icebreaker.

The strange thing is that in 2011-2012 the company worked with a minimum profit in 2013 showed a loss has been a loss of 40.7 million euros. Why USC signed a contract with this company?

At Nordic Yards is and criminal history. Yussufov in 2011 fell into the scandal involving an attack against the former owner of the German shipyards Wadan Yards Andrey Burlakov and his civil wife - the ex-deputy chairman of the board of the World Bank Anne Atkin.

As a result of a shot to the head Burlakov was killed and Etkin received a broken jaw, bruised sternum and severe psychological trauma.

A month before the murder of businessman Andrei Burlakov he tried to initiate a criminal case against the son of a member of the board of directors of "Gazprom" Igor Yusufov.

In 2013 there was a sensational fight in Moscow restaurant "Courchevel". Grappled members of the security committee of the State Duma anti-corruption Denis Voronenkov and former FSB officer Andrei Murzik. What does Nordic Yards?

Shortly after the clashes MP and strongman, the widow of the murdered businessman Andrei Burlakov Anna Atkin stated that it Voronenkov and Murzik were behind the assassination attempt on her and her husband.

"I have irrefutable evidence of involvement in the assassination attempt on my life MP Denis Voronenkova Murzikova and Andrew, as reported to law enforcement authorities", - told reporters residing in Israel Anna Atkin.

"Business on the links"

In 2010, at the time head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications Minister Igor Shchegolev said that does not rule out the emergence of new players in the Russian fourth-generation mobile communications market (4G), in particular, LTE. In this regard, it called "Basis Telecom" Vitaly Yusufov.

It is worth noting the company "AyKomInvest" (or "Aytelekominvest"). She was a registered company of "Basis Telecom" was established in May, 2010, and June 3, 2010. It "AyKomInvestu" owned 74.9%.

The news about the appearance on the market LTE obscure structures displeased mobile operators. Company's "big three" wrote indignant letters to the Minister of Communications, the prime minister and the president, and the media talking about the corrupt collusion with Igor Shchegolev "The basis of telecom."

By the way, in 2013 the bell another call associated with the "basis of telecom" Yusufov. Then the new Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in a letter to President Vladimir Putin said that "Basis Telecom" (25% owned by the Ministry of Defence) does not require frequencies to create the fourth-generation mobile networks, dedicated to her without competition. And the company has received a contract without competition, Anatoly Serdyukov - defendants in the resonant case of multi-billion dollar corruption!

In June 2015 the court granted the petition of the Ministry of Defense and withdrew frequencies from "Fundamentals of Telecom" (25% of the company owned by the Ministry of Defense). The company's network to that time does not work. It was the first defeat Yusufov Bush.

"Steeper Virtue, want to deceive"

In 2011, there was another strange story. Then Yussufov bought a 19.91% stake in Bank of Moscow who left the UK banker Andrei Borodin.

But the most interesting thing that has been used to buy the size of a loan of $ 1.1 billion, previously obtained Europroject Investments Global Limited from the Bank of Moscow bail shipyard Nordic Yards !!!

After that, the state bank VTB said the consolidation of shares of "Bank of Moscow". Yussufov already sold its stake in the US $ 300 million more!

After that, on April 8, 2011, Dmitry Medvedev sent his father Igor Yusufov (served as Special Representative of the Russian Federation for International Energy Cooperation) resigned. The media pointed out the possible connection with the acquisition of his dismissal by his son Vitaly almost 20% of shares of "Bank of Moscow".

Soon, the truth surfaced. In November 2011, the former president of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin said in an interview: Yussufov just told him that he was acting in the interest and on behalf of the then President Dmitry Medvedev, who made a decision to gain control over the state, "Bank of Moscow". It turns out, Yusuf senior used his position and offered Dmitry Medvedev!

Pope Vitaly Igorevich has the "frame." He brought his son Vitaly, who was then a student at the MGIMO, at the meeting in the Ministry, trying to get him to the gas and oil companies!

After that, in 2004, 25-year-old started his career in Yussufov "Gazexport" assistant general director Alexander Medvedev, who takes office so far.

Criminal cases, the murder of business partners, lobbying of private interests, corrupt tenders with Anatoly Serdyukov. One gets the picture that all these things are supervised by the father and son Yusufov. Now, everything else - the situation with the penalty in 667 million rubles. What else must happen in order for the law enforcement agencies are interested in the activities of Vitaly Yusufov?