Family Katsyv "spoils" the investment climate in Russia?

In recent years the Russian leadership diligently seeking the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and improve the investment climate in Russia. A recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which signed a contract for more than 1 trillion rubles, it is clearly shown.

However, the Russian authorities' efforts to improve the economic of Russia's image in the international arena may be futile because of the fact that many Russian officials and top managers of state corporations, regularly appear in major financial scandals that occur not only in Russia but also in the EU , the United states and other countries.

One of the most scandalous Russian top managers, whose business reputation in the West, according to experts, at the root destroys the investment attractiveness of Russia is Katsyv Peter, who is vice-president of Russian Railways is responsible for questions on the development of the Moscow transport hub.

Mr. Katsyv at the beginning of working in a team of ex-head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, and after the resignation of the controversial manager, he retained his position in the team of Oleg Belozerov, who became president of JSC "Russian Railways" (RZD) in August 2015.

In recent years, increasingly heard the name of his son Peter Katsyv in foreign media - Denis. So at the end of May 2016 the media reported that the US government has opened a criminal investigation against Prevezon Holdings Group, which is owned by Denis Katsyv.

At the beginning of June 2016 on the scandalous situation with Prevezon Holdings mentioned in the influential Financial Times. in early June 2016 Russian media wrote that soon "may be followed by the prosecution of Denis Katsyv".

However, the claim for Mr. Katsyv the American security forces emerged a few years ago. Recall that in September 2013, the United States initiated a case against Prevezon Holdings Group, which is owned by Denis Katsyv. The prosecutor's office in New York, a group of suspected Katsyv companies of laundering of proceeds derived from the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky uncovered embezzlement of 5.4 billion rubles from the Russian budget.

Katsyv family has long been featured in a series of scandals the so-called "Magnitsky list" (the US law on sanctions against Russian citizens involved in Magnitsky's death). Similar laws exist in other countries. For example, Canadian MPs in the September 2016 plan to tighten the local analogue of the "Magnitsky Act".

Peter Katsyv, vice-president of Russian Railways

In all these scandals, one way or another, appears Denis Katsyv (and, as a rule, his father). Experts are still not clear, as the vice president Railways can take a man whose son was involved in a scandal with the withdrawal of the Russian budget 5.4 billion rubles? It is possible that Peter could Katsyv corny "rollback" Oleg Belozerov decent amount in foreign currency, so that he left him as vice-president of Russian Railways after the departure of this state-owned company, Vladimir Yakunin, who previously could "fronting" Mr. Katsyv.

Change of judge

In Russia, the "affairs Katsyv" say not so often, but before Peter Katsyv was the Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region and noted in a series of "local" financial scandals, which, of course, pales in comparison with the theft of 5.4 billion rubles of state-owned.

And here in the US "case Katsyv" (the main defendant Dennis Katsyv) is well known - especially in New York. By the way, in the middle of June 2016 the prolonged pre-trial examination of the US claim to Prevezon Holdings, which owns Katsyv Jr., received a new twist: it was transferred to another judge - William Pauley III. Earlier, the "case Katsyv" considered a federal judge Thomas Grisey, celebrated in October of last year, 85-year anniversary.

According to experts, the appointment of a new judge in the case Prevezon Holdings will not only lead to its early consideration, but also can result in a very unfortunate consequences for Denis Katsyv, which the prosecutor's office in the US tend to rank as members of the criminal group.

"The criminal group in Russia fraudulently took possession of taxpayers' money in the amount of 5.4 billion rubles, or about $ 230 million, using fraudulent tax refund scheme -. In the preamble of the claim filed on behalf of the Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara September 10, 2013 After committing fraud goda.- members of this group have taken a number of actions to conceal the criminal offense, including retaliation against those who tried to reveal it. As a result, their vengeful actions of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer, made public a fraudulent scheme, was arrested and died while in pre-trial detention. "

Stolen money from the Russian budget, according to the prosecutor's office have been "laundered" including through investing in New York real estate. For this purpose, according to prosecutors, was used Prevezon Holdings.

Seizure of assets Katsyv Jr.

Investigating Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara has played an important role in uncovering the "transfer" schemes taken out of Russia in US assets. As it turned out, Denis Katsyv through structures affiliated with the Cypriot company Prevezon Holdings Limited., Bought expensive real estate objects in the trendy Manhattan area. Later Katsyv assets were arrested. Their cost is estimated at about 24 million dollars.

Denis Katsyv, son of the vice-president of Russian Railways

Through its investigation, the prosecutor Preet Bharara stated that money Katsyv located on the bank account of the company Prevezon Seven USA LLC at Bank of America were transferred to the Bank of Cyprus in the name of the company Kolevins (according to experts, it is also controlled Katsyv).

This prosecutor Bharara actually proved that after filing a claim for forfeiture in court in New York, one of the companies Katsyv Denis tried to withdraw $ 300 thousand. Cyprus. It is possible that such "tricks" Katsyv Jr. and displeased the American security forces, which, as reported by the media, have begun to prosecute the son of Vice President of Russian Railways.

In the course of its investigation, the prosecutor Preet Bharara able to prove that the owner Denis Katsyv Martash Holdings and Ferencoi companies also involved in the financial scandal with the withdrawal of assets. Just through these structures, according to the American security services, and outputs the stolen funds from the Russian Federation.

The first page of the official charges in the case of Dennis Katsyv. The document was taken from the blog "A marmot against." charges the full text (in English) is available here

Contact Denis Katsyv with Prevezon Martash Holdings and documented. "And against the marmots' document is taken from the blog

An important fact of the proceedings in the court of New York is the fact that representatives of Denis Katsyv confirmed the information on the ownership of their company Martash Holdings. The fact that "Denis Katsyv - sole owner Martash Holdings», wrote earlier, and Russian media.

Theft in a large scale

The mechanism of withdrawal of assets Katsyv structures already known to the general public. For this purpose the so-called "transit scheme."

Let's consider a concrete example. According to media reports, as early as February 2008, two little-known Moldovan companies (obviously, "shell") was transferred to the account of Prevezon very impressive amount of $ 410 thousand and 447 thousand dollars. It is believed that the initial stage of the money (in rubles) were removed from the federal budget, and only after they have been converted into dollars.

A year after this "wiring Finance" controlled Katsyv Prevezon company acquired two condominium in a building on Pine Street for $ 2 million in Manhattan in New York City. Thus, the "doubtful finance" were transferred to the property. It seems that this step son of the vice-president of Russian Railways would complete "washing off". However, US law enforcers noticeably "cooled" his ardor.

PACE saw "trace Katsyv"

Family Katsyv known to be involved in financial scandals, not only in the US but also in the European Union (EU). Since the activities of Denis Katsyv have already responded to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

This is a report entitled "Prohibition of impunity for the killers of Sergei Magnitsky," which was prepared by the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The Russian text of the PACE report is available here.

"We find there was another" money trail "leading from the refund of taxes paid by Hermitage to the Russian Treasury, through the stolen company Hermitage (" Parthenon "," Ryland "and" Swallowtail ") and many other" transfer stations ", including those in Moldova, at a UBS bank account in Zurich in favor of the Cypriot company owned by Mr. Denis Katsyv, son of the former Minister of transport and Vice-governor of the Moscow region Katsyv Peter, and Mr. Litvak (business partner family Katsyv - Ed.) " - it said in the report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

PACE report with reference to the withdrawal of Finance Denis Katsyv. The document was taken from the blog "A marmot against." The original report is available here. General information about the report is available on the links №1 and №2

through a chain of "shell companies" Driving Finance Katsyv output. The scheme is taken from the blog "A marmot against"

Experts point out that fraudsters are increasingly using the so-called "Moldovan scheme" for the withdrawal of assets from Russia. So Katsyv use one of the standard options for a "transfer" of money. Their role in the scam is obvious, since it controls and Denis Katsyv Prevezon Holdings, and Martash.

Scammers have found "extreme"

According to experts, in the course of proceedings in the New York court lawyers Denis Katsyv tried "led by the nose" American justice. The thing is that Katsyv lawyers tried to prove that illegal payments were transferred to Prevezon account when the company belonged to the young "Russian businessman" Timothy Crete, who also served as CEO. He formally managed and the aforementioned Kolevins (company, through which pumps money from Prevezon Seven USA LLC, controlled Katsyv).

But, as it turned out, in fact Timothy Crete - a former teacher of state budgetary educational institution of Moscow "Center for Curative Pedagogics and differentiated instruction" Revival "." Earlier Crete earned tutoring. So what attitude to business, he has a very mediocre.

Most likely, Katsyv Jr. was just trying to "dump" all the blame on Crete, using it as a "frontman".

Timothy Crete, formal, former owner of a number of assets owned by Denis Katsyv

However, as the lawyers did not try to shift the blame Katsyv on Crete, and US prosecutors still do not believe in this version. In general, although the son of the vice-president of Russian Railways and managed to find the "extreme", but it did not help much.

The deal with the FBI?

In an attempt to resolve their conflict with the US prosecutor's office Katsyv, according to media reports, we decided to cooperate with US intelligence agencies (in particular, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)). The scandal was so loud that even handed about it on the "Voice of America".

Preet Bharara, federal prosecutor

Thus, according to the letter, which is sent to the judge Grisey federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, in February 2014 Denis Katsyv thanks to the organizational efforts of an unnamed third party, met in Rome with the FBI special agent John Penza. Bharara says that this meeting took place without the knowledge or participation of the US prosecutor's office and the prosecutor's office learned about it only when "the FBI reported that Denis Katsyv and his father Peter Katsyv want to meet again, this time with a lawyer of the Government to provide information on criminal activity in Russia. "

Previously, the "work" with the FBI reported Katsyv and other US media. Since December 11, 2015 in an American newspaper «The Daily Beast» published an article by journalist Michael Weiss "Russian oligarch or FBI informant?" (Original article) in which it was said that the vice-president of Russian Railways, Peter Katsyv tried to negotiate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation about court settlement of the case, which featured his son.

"He (Peter Katsyv - Ed.) Allegedly offered to" provide information about criminal activity in Russia "in the framework agreement" quid pro quo "with US feds. Presumably this transaction would allow his son to retain its share of the firm's assets Prevezon », - says Michael Weiss.

Information on the likely co-vice president of Russian Railways with the FBI, Russian law enforcement agencies should be interested in, as Peter Katsyv may well give the Americans a valuable strategic information that is classified.

"Launder" in Israel

It is worth noting that the family Katsyv "mark" in the financial scandals not only in Russia and in America, but also in Israel. In this case, it is worth remembering scandal when Peter Katsyv, occupying the post of Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region, shifted to his son dozens of millions of dollars, which were kept in Israeli bank Hapoalim.

The first page of the text of the sentence in the case of Bank Hapoalim. In Israel, the case is often referred to as "business Katsyv". The document was taken from the blog "A marmot against" link. The full text of the judgment is available here. Russian translation (with scoring role Katsyv) is available here.

Already after Katsyv accounts found in Hapoalim, connected to the case, Israeli security forces. Katsyv again suspected of "laundering" money. In particular, Katsyv became involved in the case 40279/08, which is engaged in the district prosecutor's office of Tel Aviv. Then it was a question of "money laundering Peter (Katsyv - Ed.), As the owner and recipient of funds in different bank accounts'

However, they paid the Israeli side of the "compensation" and this investigation actually "hushed up".

Corrupt relationship with the governor Vorobiev

By the way, and now Peter Katsyv does not lose its ties with Israel. Thus, according to activists of the "All-Russia Popular Front" (ONF), January 2, 2015 by the Government of the Moscow Region has been awarded the contract for the sum of 690 million rubles ($ 13.7 million) to 648 vehicles.

The winner of the tender for transport services was SUE Moscow region "car fleet", belonging to the regional authorities. The company services almost half orders of "Mosobltrans-1", 70% owned by the Israeli company Martash Holdings Ltd, and another 30 percent - the ex-Minister of Transport Peter Katsyv region. The sole owner of Martash Holdings Ltd is Denis Katsyv.

It turns out that even now, when Katsyv senior is no longer a Moscow region official, this family continues to receive "solid profits" at the expense of the state order from the government of the Moscow region. But this is not surprising, since Peter Katsyv in 2012-2013 was the head of the Main Department of the Moscow area for cooperation with federal authorities, and before that he served as the Moscow region governor Andrei Vorobyov assistant.

Andrei Vorobyov, the governor of the Moscow region

Obviously, even taking up the post of vice-president of Russian Railways, Katsyv Sr., using his good relations with the governor Vorobyov, I found a way to provide "overflow" of money from Moscow budget in the interests Martash Holdings Ltd. In this scheme, there is an obvious corruption component, so that the Russian investigators if desired, can "grab" as Peter Katsyv and Andrei Vorobyov.

Things around Moscow

However, with the ex-governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov Peter Katsyv acted with far grander scale than when Andrei Vorobyov, as Katsyv senior than 11 years (from 2001 to 2012), he held the position of Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region. At the same time Peter Katsyv doing business combined with the work of the public service.

So Katsyv Sr. was considered the founder or co-founder of a number of commercial structures. In particular, Peter Katsyv was one of the founders of ZAO "Inter-Business" (TIN 7707101366). The only activity and give the source of income of ZAO "Inter-Business" is renting premises at the address: ul. Color Blvd., d. 21, p. 8. And after all what a coincidence.

It was in this building is the office SUO "Mostransavto", which for a long time was in charge of all that Peter Katsyv as the Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region. And it is not only room Gupalo. Officially, the company is registered at the address: Khimki, ul. Proletarian, 18.

Founders of ZAO "Inter-Business". The scheme is taken from the blog "A marmot against"

In this near Moscow "business empire" Katsyv ends. For example, the LLC "Inavto" (TIN 5042012705), belonging Katsyv Jr. (which Katsyv Sr. also once marked it as a founder), has become one of the main suppliers of "Mostransavto" vehicles.

Besides Denis Katsyv listed founder of several companies registered in Moscow or Moscow region and specializing for the most part in the area of ​​road transport services and transport.

He owns 30% of LLC "Inavto", 30% in the company "Mega-Trans" (transport service) and 35% in the "Global Trans Logistics" (trucking).