As it turned out, the minority shareholders of OAO "Gazprom gas distribution Voronezh" managed by the annual general meeting of shareholders to achieve inclusion in the composition of its board of directors to the company - Vladislav Hershkowitz.

Here it is worth remembering that there is opposition to a number of minority shareholders main owner - the PJSC "Gazprom", which, together with a subsidiary of JSC "Gazprom gas distribution" controls more than 75% of the company.

Minority shareholders claim that "Gazprom" has the right to vote more than 30% of its shares, as previously fulfilled the requirement of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" and in a timely manner are not sent to other shareholders of the mandatory offer to repurchase their securities.

Go on this issue and the courts.

Note that according to the press-secretary of "Myriad Rus" (minority shareholder) Boris Horev, his actions minority advocate including the interests of the state, because the Voronezh region in the face of the Department of Property and Land Relations controls more than 5% of shares of "Gazprom gas distribution Voronezh ". Indeed, in the case of compulsory redemption of the region at the same time it would have received millions of rubles.

And Hershkowitz able to "stand up" for the minority shareholders. A businessman has links with the FSB and the Prosecutor General's Office.

More precisely, JSC "Gazprom gas distribution" (part of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz") in February 2014 sold 12.27% of shares of bank "Russia" the two are not formally related to "Gazprom" structure - LLC "Overpast-Invest" and LLC "Oberon Estate ". However, if you know who is behind these offshore companies, the relationship of these structures with the head of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Kirill Seleznev becomes obvious!

7,086% of JSC "Joint-Stock Bank" Russia "belongs to LLC" Overpast-Invest "(the owners - Tatiana Svitova and Ivan Mironov), and 5,396%" Russia "bank owned" Oberon Estate Ltd. "(controlled by Ivan Mironov). It should be noted that Mr Mironov - brother Kirill Seleznev!

"Overpas-Invest" is a co-owner of the bank "Finservice" (19.75% of shares). "Finservice" in 2006, bought "The Seventh Continent" and Sobinbank. Sobinbank during the financial crisis of 2008 was acquired Gazenergoprombank, and in 2010 Gazenergoprombank was attached to the bank "Russia" .12,27% of bank "Russia", previously owned by JSC "Gazprom gas distribution" safely "floated" in offshore companies controlled by relatives and friends Kirill Seleznev.

Mironov structures provide "Gazprom" and its enterprises a wide range of services - from renovation and major repairs to the transportation of pipes and fuel trade. Their turnover for the years exceeded 100 billion rubles. For example, TD "Alfa-trade" controls the gas station "Gazprom" network (registered in 2010 in Rostov-on-Don).

Its revenue in 2010-2012 exceeded 98 billion rubles. LLC "Gazenergoservis" engaged in reconstruction, modernization, overhaul and maintenance of oil and gas complex.

Or "Spetsenergotrans", which was the operator for transportation of pipes of "Gazprom" on the railway.

"Spetsenergotrans" was one of two companies that have received a direct contract with the general forwarder of "Gazprom" - "Gazpromtrans", created in 2010. While revenues "Spetsenergotransa" amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. At the same time TD "Alfa-Trade" belongs to the Cypriot company Terramart Development Ltd, which is controlled by, oddly enough, Ivan Mironov.

It seems that the situation with "Gazprom gas distribution" Kirill Seleznev wants by all means to crush minority shareholders not to pay them dividends and the Voronezh region. But now, the employee will have to compete with Hershkowitz.