Franz Klintsevich at the center of the scandal. Senator must return 300 thousand rubles for the rest in a sanatorium

Invalids of war in Afghanistan have won a lawsuit against the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security of the Federation Council - the head of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan (VAST) Franz Klintsevich, owed more than 300 thousand rubles for New Year holidays in their rehabilitation "Rus" center.

Meantime, Klintsevich argues that holidays spent elsewhere, and therefore intends to appeal the judgment, writes today.

Merrily, merrily celebrate the New Year?

As stated Ruza district court of Moscow Region, in December 2014 the head of the All-Russian public organization "war invalids" Andrew Chepurnoy received a letter from the deputy head VAST Vladimir Kostyuchenko, in which he asked to place a group of people on the New Year's holidays in belonging to the disabled Center of regenerative therapy for soldiers -internatsionalistov.

The group in need of rehabilitation included the chairman Franz VAST Klintsevich himself Kostyuchenko, as well as eight of their companions - mostly women and children.

Leaders VAST stay comfortably, and for a senator Klintsevich and his ladies-bedroom presidential suite was booked, which once stayed Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

During his stay in a sanatorium rest, according to the staff, completed the full course of rehabilitation, including "high-quality food and qualified medical care."

The question of payment for services remained open. Society staff "Disabled war" soldiers-internationalists and their wives can enjoy the spa hotel for free, but only if the rehabilitation doctor recommended it.

If there is no medical evidence, it is necessary to pay for services. Meanwhile, no Klintsevich nor Kostyuchenko at registration permits medical directions had not provided them in the future, despite promises.

In the end, New Year holidays VAST leaders treated "war invalids" almost a million rubles, and they appealed to the court to its guests. After that, the "Invalides" began a serious problem: the organization of all sorts of tortured checks.

Over 2015 of these inspection fees were 17, including: criminal investigation, fighters against economic crime, representatives of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Rospotrebnadora, tax, as well as the Commissioner for Human Rights and even the State Inspectorate for Small Boats Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Checked sure that all these measures can be initiated Klintsevich.

However, the court ordered the unscrupulous travelers with disabilities pay for the full program. Kostyuchenko family proved to be for New Year holidays, a total of 376 thousand rubles.

Klintsevich solidarity with a certain Irina Limaevoy have to pay for the presidential suite 285 000. Individual travelers was recognized as the second lady Galina Pchelina - its debt amounted to about 147 thousand rubles. At the same time all adults will have to add "Afghans" about 100 thousand for the late payment of almost one and a half years.

Parliamentary "godfather"?

In recognition of colleagues-deputies, being the DG in the Duma faction "United Russia" Klintsevich responsible for discipline. That is, first of all, for that faction members voted exactly as they were told.

"Klintsevich -" parliamentary whip ", to use the British terminology. Suitable, for example, to me any deputy and asked where I was deputy card cases, when all vote. I can safely send it, - explained while one of the "United Russia". - Franz And not send. And if you send himself back in the end and went. "

"Afghanistan lives in my soul"

About his service in Afghanistan, Franz Klintsevich today remembers reluctantly let, say, better to tell people.

However, people tell different. According to some former colleagues in the Afghani, a propagandist treated fairly restrained.

There were even rumors that Franz Adamovich in addition to their regular duties - promote the sanctity of international duty - simultaneously pounded superiors to exhibit military discontent.

"Fighting Tale"?

Franz Klintsevich was behind the creation of the Union of Afghan Veterans.

It was created in spring 1989.

This structure was to provide social assistance to former soldiers-internationalists.

As you know, for greater efficiency of social work "Afghans" given the numerous tax and customs benefits, as well as on the timber sale quotas, oil and non-ferrous metals.

It all ended in actual fact quite tragic. Very soon most of the "Afghani" organizations began to look not so much on the humanitarian funds, but on the semi-criminal, or even the entire criminal businesses.

With concomitant attributes like armored jeeps and leather guys with trunks. And with all the ensuing consequences attributes. Notorious kotlyakovskoya cemetery bombing was the only one of the "second Afghan war" episodes, this time between themselves internationalists.

Then Klintsevich immediately disown their participation in the NEA. However, he very quickly taken over all the "Afghan" case. Russian Foundation of Afghanistan veterans, who headed Franz Adamovich was established in 1994.

While many "Afghans" were opposed, arguing that the organization should lead the people to the military past, not logistical political officer who was in Afghanistan Klintsevich.

Sunset in politics

Klintsevich soon became close friends with the Minister of Defense Pavel Grachev. He introduced Klintsevich with the then chief of the FSB Mikhail Barsukov, who in turn - to the head of the Kremlin security service and one of the favorites of President Yeltsin Alexander Korzhakov.

Apparently, the former of soldiers "Afghans" Rodney, not only the memories of the war years, but the general political views.

At least, when on the eve of the 1996 presidential election Barsukov and Korzhakov began to organize the campaign headquarters of Yeltsin, Franz Klintsevich was included in the list of trustees of the candidate.

Together, Yeltsin won elections then.

"Journalistic kidalovo"?

Two years ago, Franz Klintsevich announced a competition among journalists from the pathetic name of "Heroes of our time - the Afghan soldiers." The prize fund, according to the promise was to reach 1 mln. Rub.

The contest received more than a thousand journalistic work. And what? And the fact that the promised money no one saw! the competition itself was quietly "Jam"!

The master-master?

Today Franz Klintsevich - senator of the Federation Council. But the situation does not prevent him from using the existing VAST benefits, such as a sanatorium for others.

However, the brothers-in-arms were against. And won the "war" with a large official!
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