On the morning of May 25 at the University Embankment Eugene Prigogine motorcade was stopped. And for the first time in the video was Evgeny Gulyaev - the head of a government security of the approximate restaurateur, the actual monopoly on the army of public procurement market in the sphere of military power, cleaning, construction and energy. According to "Fontanka", former colleagues Gulyaev, now - Security officers 'Concord' can be associated with acting in Ukraine and Syria, armed groups known as PMCs Wagner.

Evgeny Gulyaev began his career in the militia of Leningrad in the late eighties, then served in the St. Petersburg RUBOP, the Main Department of the Russian Interior Ministry in the North-West Federal District, completed the service chief of the department and the police colonel. Many of his colleagues after leaving the authorities found a place under the leadership of Gulyaev. According to "Fontanka", these employees over the past two years, has repeatedly traveled to the south of Russia. And if the summer of 2014 was the growth of the destination, then six months later it became the main focus of Krasnodar.

The two sides "Fontanka" drew attention to the fact that the permanent companions of retired police officers, now supposedly working on the "Concord" Prigogine, was seen Dmitri Utkin, known as the informal leader of armed formation PMC Wagner. Note that it is near Rostov the summer of 2014 was his base, and later transferred to the village Molkino Krasnodar region.

PMC Wagner a private military company can be called only conditionally, since, unlike these PMCs, commercial viability is not taken into account, and the legal entity legalizing the activity units, apparently, does not exist. Wagner - call the commander, Lieutenant Colonel GRU left Dmitri Utkin. In 2014-2015, a secret squad took part in the fighting on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic, was one of the major percussion forces in the battle for Donetsk airport and in the storming of Debaltsevo. Separate groups were used to restore order in the LC - unbelted detained commanders of local militias and "Cossacks", may participate in the elimination of overly independent leaders such as Alex and Alexander Brain poor. Since the autumn of 2015 the main activities developed by Wagner in Syria. The merits of mercenaries in the storming of Palmyra were awarded orders and medals.

Among St. Petersburg in the service of "Concord" related to Wagner, a landmark position is occupied by 54-year-old retired police Colonel (name known to "Fontanka", the editorial does not mention it for ethical reasons). Artilleryman by training, he distinguished himself more in Afghanistan, for which he recorded two Red Star orders, continued to serve in the security departments of Internal Affairs, showed himself in the North Caucasus. After his dismissal from the police force in 2014, he settled in the security service Prigogine. As assured "Fontanka", the story of his travels often coincides with routes Dmitri Utkin, and they occupy the adjacent seat aircraft. Another companion saw Colonel Eugene Gulyaev.

According to the preparation being in Molkino fighters Wagner, for participation in the Syrian events, especially for a competent command of Palmyra during the assault, Colonel among five soldiers of fortune was promoted to the rank of Hero of the Russian Federation, and is said to have received the Star. According to others, the idea has not yet been approved, and in the corridors of power alleged conflict occurred, and the number of Heroes of the PMC has been reduced from five to two.

In an interview with "Fontanka" Police Colonel Retired not made clear: "I do not want you to hear."

The war and money

Award PMC soldier Wagner in training camp in the village of Molkino Krasnodar Territory was estimated at 80 thousand rubles per month, and in a combat mission - 240 thousand. Squad leader, platoon and company get more, provided and paid premiums for the successful fulfillment of the tasks. For each family of the deceased shall be paid a lump sum of 3 million rubles, while the losses are estimated at a conservative estimate, tens.

Even if we assume that the military equipment, weapons, ammunition, equipment and food supplied by PMC some channels free of charge, only the allowance is a significant amount.

In the world of PMC - commercial organizations, and their main goal - to make a profit, but at the same time as the most profitable customers are usually the state structures. A textbook example - notorious Blackwater Erik Prince, in September 2007, was reborn in the Academi. According to open sources, the size of contracts billions of dollars, nine-tenths of the order book is provided by government contracts.

In addition to contracts for the protection and defense of important facilities in the combat zone, to support military goods, training of law enforcement officers of third world countries, PMCs are making money at the expense of non-governmental customers. For example, the protection of energy and oil production facilities in fragile states, to ensure safety of navigation in disadvantaged areas.

The history of private military companies in the modern sense of the term began in the sixties of the twentieth century, there was a relatively civilized market in the world in the nineties. The main international document declares the principles to be followed by the PMC, is the "Montreux Document", signed by 17 countries, 17 September 2008, according to which "the military and security services include, in particular, armed guarding and protection of persons and objects, for example, convoys, buildings and other places; maintenance and operation of combat systems; detention of prisoners; counseling or training of local military and security guards. "

Note that the document is not legally binding and recommendatory nature, but, according to him, responsible for the activities of PMCs borne by the State-employer.

Despite the lack of a national legislative framework in Russia have their own experience of private military companies. First of all, it's Moran Security Group, in recent years, is experiencing serious financial difficulties, and "SCR Group", specializing in marine conservation. These commercial organizations are trying to work in the legal field - all armed activity takes place outside of Russia, in accordance with local regulations. Similarly, commercial project and was "Slavic housing» (Slavonic Corps), formed in 2013 by several MSG managers to work in Syria, despite the rhetoric about "helping the brotherly Syrian people."

PMC Wagner has very little to do with these private military companies. Strictly speaking, no company does not officially exist, as there are no contracts. Moreover, as far as we know, the "boss" of PMCs very negative attitude to attempts to mid-level commanders "earn" on the site (for example, accompanied by columns or protection of objects).

In this scenario, the only likely source of funding - "sponsoring" private army of any of the Russian oligarchs, so understanding their interests, or "designated" responsible for the direction of work. A different way to get cash to such an extent unimaginable. The assumption that money can directly come from any government department or public organization, was rejected. No one will ever be able to write off a comparable cash turnover - under the existing rules of the financial statements it is not possible.

Interest Eugene Prigogine to the Ukrainian events known. "News Agency Kharkov" (NAH) with a branch in the Crimea was founded in the autumn of 2013, the mobile phone number of the oligarch was found in a notebook personal assistant to Viktor Yanukovych, the troll army initially from Holguin and then Savushkina street in St. Petersburg around the clock to litter and litters posts Network , cursing fascist dill and calling for the fight for the New Russia.

Bags with money

The PMC Wagner calculated cash. The time of receipt of money and their route - a big secret. Large one-time, according to rough estimates, - not less than 100 million rubles, and in such a Kush will always be willing to take the risk. Make sure the payment is not possible, because the bill does not have a return address.

Interestingly, in a similar way are rewarded employees Prigogine related companies serving the military camps. To learn how to do it, "Fontanka" said Marina gobies, which in 2015 served as deputy regional manager "Megaline" (the structure of "Concord", responsible for contracts with the Ministry of Defense) for cleaning services in the Ivanovo region.

As an employee of "Megaline" Bychko simultaneously represented in the Ivanovo region is also working on state contracts army of "TSA" and "Prometheus", with no formal "Megaline" or the "Concorde" is not related. There are about 80 workers was in its submission. Of these, only 70 percent were formally employed, but they received a "white" is not more than 10 - 15 percent of the true salary. The rest of the money, as well as "illegal" colleagues were given cash.

"Once a month, assistant regional manager for cleaning, energy and maintenance of military camps went to Nizhny Novgorod, to the regional manager for the money. This military power structure, which is also closed to "Megaline", but works separately - Bychko explains. - I drove by 800 thousand to its employees, just arrived from other areas subject to regional Nizhny - from Yaroslavl, Kostroma ".

Tale Marina Bychko gives the concept and the scope of available funds:

"The military every month I signed acts of acceptance of about 1.5 million. This fall and winter, when there is no grass. Taking into account the payment for mowing figures in acts reached 4.5 million rubles. My expenses - office rent, wages are "white" and "black", cleaners - do not exceed 850,000. It is not cleaning it Klondike. But compared to the heating, water and power - a penny. "

Such "cents" are enough to contain the department hired soldier for a year, and after cleaning by Ivanov is not the most profitable enterprise in existence in the Empire Prigogine.

A report on the outrages in the Ivanovo department "Megaline" Marina went to St. Petersburg, to convey to the supreme leader of the truth about zlochinstvah in the area. For Prigogine, however, was not allowed, I was able to achieve a conversation with one of the security officers. A month later he was dismissed.

On whether there is a link between employees 'Concorde' and PMCs, we tried to find out from Dmitri Utkin, calling on his mobile phone number, supposedly used it to communicate with the customer. Utkin to "Fontanka" did not want to talk, "Sorry, I'm not interested in talking with you, goodbye." And I hung up.

PMC leaves Russia

Now Molkino battalion going again. Where and when it will come into the fight, we learn, most likely in June. Apparently, this is the last change, which is prepared in the Krasnodar region. Currently we are discussion platforms, which will take Wagner base after heavy exposure Molkino in the media and social networks. Variants outside Russian jurisdiction: Tajikistan, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The host and sponsor of the "non-existent" PMC remains in the shadows. "Fontanka" at any time ready to give the floor to Dmitry Utkin, as well as any former or current employees of PMCs. Or the one who is aware of its activities.