The administrator Voronezh "Prominvest" promises to pay off creditors with them after 10 years.

The administrator of "Prominvest" (former aluminum smelter site) Ilya Petrov filed in the Arbitration Court of the Voronezh region a petition for approval of a settlement agreement between the creditors and the enterprise should be of arbitration materials.

In that agreement voted most lenders. Despite the fact that it is, according to experts, is unprofitable lenders with whom the company de facto able to pay.

Thus, according to the settlement agreement, the total debt "Prominvest" is reduced by 25%, to 185, 683 million. Rubles. Pay as his company is over 10 years.

Against this decision was made by only one creditor - LLC "Praymtargetrus" with a total debt of 39 mln. Rubles. Now he will challenge the petition in court.

"The administrator must decide on the most advantageous for the creditors. And given the existing property of LLC "Prominvest" could easily pay off your creditors in full by selling part of its property, and then continue the current operation. However, for unknown reasons, the manager offers a friendly settlement, it is absolutely unfavorable for us, and it is taken by a majority vote, "- explained in the company" Praymtargetrus, "adding that the harmonization of conditions from other lenders looks at least questionable.

Moscow trail Voronezh dispute?

With a special interest in the progress of the bankruptcy "Prominvest," Managing a large industrial park on the outskirts of Voronezh (approximately 40 hectares on the territory of the former aluminum factory), obviously, will now follow the law enforcers.

Recently, investigators Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service in Moscow detained three alleged killers, allegedly prepared the attack on businessman Cyril Kornev.

The businessman, who owns several businesses in Voronezh, is actively involved in the conflict "Prominvest" creditors and headed by him LLC "Dataport" rents part of the areas in the company under the arrangement of servers and other data center equipment.

"Outstanding" controversy

Differences between Mr. Root and his friendly businessmen Dmitry Prokhorov and Andrei Sopilnyak on the one hand and businessman Mikhail Paegle - the other was related to the repayment of debt way "Prominvest" to creditors.

According to the documents, Prokhorov, Sopilnyak and roots close to them through the legal entities were among the "Prominvest" creditors. Mr. Sopilnyak still owns 32% of shares in this company. The remaining shares belong to the Cyprus Faziha Holdings Ltd. Which is closely associated with Michael Paegle!

Cyril Kornev Party insisted on a quick sale of the plant assets (land and buildings) to pay its debts, and his opponents - on the necessity of payment by installments and discount on debt.

However, Ltd. "Trakavia", the former mortgage lender "Prominvest", insisted on the sale of the mortgaged property to him, received from its sale of about 30 million rubles. and it came out of the bankruptcy proceedings.

And on June 9 remaining creditors at the meeting approved the settlement agreement. The only creditor who opposed the agreement was "Praymtargetresurs" LLC Dmitry Prokhorov.

Cyril Kornev the investigation confidently declares that the suspects in the assassination of opponents on the conflict in the "Prominvest". And this opponent - Michael Paegle!

Case "Prominvest"

"Prominvest" LLC was declared bankrupt in September, 2014. The site is known for its numerous disputes in the courts with the secured creditors, which only recently resolved and scandals around the main owner.

As lenders say, the ultimate beneficiary "Prominvest" is a former Russian citizen, now a citizen of Latvia Michael Paegle.

"Prominvestirovannoe theft"?

Around Ltd. "Prominvest" (former playground of the Voronezh Aluminum Plant) recently broke another scandal.

The law enforcement agencies received a statement about the possible abduction of substation equipment with a reduction of almost 30 million rubles.

The statement of "TrakAvia" (secured creditor LLC "Prominvest") states that at the beginning of this month the manager of LLC "Prominvest" provided falsified accounting documents of the debtor.

According to the statement, the executive director of "Prominvest" Ltd. Alexander Noskov, together with the chief accountant provided inventory cards and an inventory of the main step-down substation, containing false information about the equipment.

The applicant was able to identify questionable data, using earlier the same information, which was not a part of the structural elements of the substation.

Confirmation of this fact has already given an expert in the field of industrial electrical equipment.

People are dying for the metal?

Chief Energy Voronezh LLC "Tehpromlit" (foundry) Andrei Poletaev committed suicide in the territory of "Prominvest" (former aluminum smelter site).

Body was found on May 25 at the same industrial site of the abandoned areas.

The reason for such an act, according to sources close to the "Tehpromlitu" could become overdue conflict at work.

"Apparently, the man brought. Conflict long mature. So, "Prominvest" promised to provide the connection to the power capacity. However, this did nothing for two years. The situation began to accumulate in recent years, when the company changed the director, who was also a co-investor. He conducted an audit and found a lot of unfulfilled obligations "Prominvest" and LLC "TeploEnergoGaz" (engaged in the distribution of electricity, gas, steam and hot water on site), "- said a close colleague of the deceased, adding that further conflict came into the open phase.

"Andrew Poletaev was all this time on the edge, say that he was going to retire. Most likely, it came under pressure from the new director, and with the "Prominvest" and "tag" to resolve the issue could not, because goals in the last stand - keep the levers of influence, rather than to help the resident "- summed up the source.

According to one of the tenants, "Prominvest" Ltd., the victim went to purposefully suicide.

Scandalous manager

Activity Michael Paegle and companies close to him is not the first year, followed by a string of serious scandals. Earlier, Federal Service of Court Bailiffs the allegations on debt worth about 300 million rubles.

Late last year, the Arbitration Court of the Vologda region declared Michael Paegle bankrupt. This case is now considered in court.

In addition, the Court confirmed the earlier mass withdrawal of assets from bankrotyaschegosya LLC "Prominvest" and dismissed the scandalous bankruptcy trustee.

As the aluminum plant has become "Prominvest"

The arbitral tribunal has entered bankruptcy proceedings in JSC "Voronezh aluminum smelter" (VALZ) in 2009.

According to the tax authorities, the real assets of the company have been withdrawn in the company "Prominvest", founded by the Cyprus offshore, and society itself engaged only in financial intermediation.

The company itself has initiated bankruptcy proceedings in late 2008. Its total debt was not disclosed, but it is known that the company has more than 40 creditors, including the Federal Tax Service (FTS, about 20 million rubles), JSC "Himopttorg" and Baltic bank.

According to the fiscal authorities, the principal owner of the plant is the property of LLC "Prominvest".

Proper investigation was initiated by the regional management of the Federal Tax Service, which is trying to recover from the "Prominvest" about 12 million rubles of arrears on VAT for committing property transactions, but recently defeated in arbitration.

How to set tax, "Prominvest" acquired property plant in 2008 from a certain company "Rival" for 80.04 million rubles. According to them, when the deal the company has used the money earned from loan principal shareholder - the Cyprus Elwood Investments Ltd, and more recently, CJSC "VALZ" leased area of ​​the "Prominvest".

Thus, we can conclude that it was in fact bankrupt a society, which is not registered in almost any real estate, and core assets of factory output in pure legal entity.

It is not difficult to guess who was this legal entity. After all of the above firms controlled businessman Mikhail Paegle!

Filed under conflicting arbitration settlement agreement and an attempt to assassinate one of the recalcitrant parties to the dispute Cyril Kornev, experts say, has a direct and logical link.

"Dark" businessman

Figure Michael Paegle - perhaps the most mysterious in the domestic business. No information about him at least. His person does not even know Wikipedia!

But still "check in" Mr. Paegle had!

Its initial capital Mikhail Paegle amassed on the turn of the century industrial waste and .... Disabilities.

Money from waste

He started his business Michael Paegle Cherepovets.

The fact that plant Cherepovets "Ammofos" the production, of course, there is waste.

A valuable product can be extracted from this waste - aluminum fluoride, which is absolutely indispensable for the smelting of aluminum metal (it lowers the melting point of 1900 degrees to 800).

Previously, these precious literally waste sold by "Ammophos" through when it formed a joint venture "APRM", which became the highlight of which aluminum fluoride.

In the 90s there was LLP "Page," created by Michael Oskarovich. It was to buy from "APRM" this product and deliver its aluminum plants across Russia.

The consumers have "the Page" including such giants as aluminum Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk aluminum, Volgograd aluminum and other plants. In general, the business went well.

However, everyone knows what was then Russian tax legislation. Sometimes, most of the income was spent in taxes. But in law there is always a so-called "hole" through which you can if you do not leave, it greatly ease the tax "oppression" ...

Business for injuries

For example, if people with disabilities are working in the company. Then, under certain conditions, the enterprise employs people with disabilities, is exempt from income tax and VAT is substantially reduced.

And, of course, if the law provides such an opportunity, then it is not a sin to use. Got it and Mikhail Paegle if fully pay all required state, the few that remain.

The "Page's" unexpectedly burned accounting documents. And instead formed LLP "Stig", where the founders are registered spouse and friends of Michael Oskarovicha, he himself is registered in the enterprise consultant for the construction. "Stig" is doing the same thing as the "Knave".

Almost at the same time with the "Stig" appears another LP "Craft", and under the de facto control Paegle, where he works as manager.

It is in this company, and persons with disabilities were involved. The basic income is, of course, went through the "Stig". Therefore, between the "Stig" and "Craft" is a contract "on information and advisory services", according to which the 90 (!) Percent of the revenue (not profits!) Transferred from the "Stig", "Craft" having significant tax benefits (revolutions "Stig "reached by the time of several tens of millions of dollars).

One could, of course, immediately turn into "Stig" disabled, but it probably would not look very logical that persons with disabilities are traded aluminum fluoride, and in the company's charter could be the right item.

However, in the "Stig" was to be only ten per cent of its income, with which the state was getting too full.

Paegle just received a large interest-free loans, as in "Craft", and in "The Stig". In fact, he took a loan from himself. And he gave himself ... At some point, the entrepreneur decided to get more benefits than has been granted "Craft."

He made this request to the tax office, but it was denied. Then went to Paegle Ustyuzhensky District, the territory is not controlled by tax authorities Cherepovets.

There he was, after detailed conversation with the head of the district has registered another company - "Promotion". Everything went smoothly.

Michael Oskarovicha tripped authority, financial aid pledges area (as a result of "assistance" and sponsorship injections) as well as the fact that, again, will be employed people with disabilities. Now local.

The company issued. In hindsight, to get the benefits, we have entered into employment contracts with persons with disabilities.

In a short time between selling aluminum fluoride "Stig", and having a good relief in taxes "assistance" under the old scheme is an agreement on information and advisory services.

Ninety percent of the income from Cherepovets regularly pumped to the account Ustyuzhna businesses, and Mikhail Paegle received earnings, taking the "Promotion" interest-free loans.

Without music played

So all three of the above-mentioned companies operate until the end of the 90s until the check came the tax office. Then, the plug and the tax police. The police seemed very suspicious percentage charge for "consulting" contracts.

As argued checks at the time nor the "Craft" or "Promotion" is not able to provide documentary evidence that they have made the services provided by the agreements.

They counted on the company Paegle nineteen billion rubles to the state debt, together with default interest and penalties.

Based on materials of the tax police regional prosecutor's office opened a criminal case. preventive measure of arrest for him elected. Michael Oskarovich initially disappeared from view of law enforcement agencies, but then after a brief investigation Paegle was in Vologda prison.

Then Paegle allowed bail of fifty million rubles to be released. Having decided not to tempt fate more, he left the Vologda region and settled in Moscow

In the meantime ...

The indictment of Cherepovets City Court Paegle found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison. However, to serve his sentence to Mikhail Oskarovich did not have: the limitation period has expired.

And the duty of the state count significantly decreased: instead of the previous nineteen billion non-denominated rubles Mikhail Oskarovich charged denominated five million.

During this time, everyone forgot about Ustyuzhenskaya disabled. Paegle, went to Moscow, so more and did not appear in Ustyuzhna. The salary was paid with disabilities through the stump deck, if not issued. And leave that instead of wages to get them to have a pension, they can not - just no one to even sign a statement on the dismissal.

Business more than men?

Filed under conflicting arbitration settlement agreement and an attempt to assassinate one of the recalcitrant parties to the dispute Cyril Kornev, experts say, has a direct and logical link.

"Prominvest" The owner can simply get rid of unnecessary competition!

The Battle of Voronezh plant took in every sense a fatal character.
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