According to media reports, June 10 Tverskaya Moscow court convicted a former investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry Alexei Monin of abuse of office, which caused serious consequences (Art. 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). He was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony, and was arrested in the court room, at the same time depriving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of Justice.

By the way, the prosecutor requested for the ex-investigator four years in prison. From the moment a criminal case (October 2015), Monin was under house arrest, being one of the defendants in the resonant "coffee case" businessman Nicholas Kudelko, who in 2009 was sentenced to six years in prison for the alleged illegal trade in coffee.

After his release Kudelko initiated criminal proceedings "werewolves in epaulets". As a result, several guilty of fabricating accusations and ruin the security forces businesses serve their sentences.

Thus, in 2012 for fraud with illegally seized vehicles belonging Kudelko, managed to land the staff understood the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs Cyril Tian. He was sentenced to two years in a penal colony. Two traffic police for the Southern District of Moscow Oleg Galkin, Dmitry Yan'shin received two years probation and two years respectively.

Colonel Monin was charged that he, without a legitimate reason, ordered the destruction of physical evidence - coffee products -. In the amount of $ 2 million In reality, as established by the court, the goods were simply abducted and enrolled on the shelves of Russian stores.

Another person involved in the case - former Interior Ministry investigator Alexander Dmitriev - is currently in the federal wanted list. Moreover, on June 2 s. , Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree dismissed police Major General Igor Bozhkov from office Chief of police in the Moscow metro Research Affairs in Moscow.

What is significant in 2013 CK RF interrogating Bozhkova and the deputy chief of police of the 4th Department of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kirichkova. Questions have arisen to them in connection with their work in the Department of Economic Security Interior Ministry and accepting bribes from Kudelko.

As he told Kudelko, in 2007, he passed a group of operatives DEB $ 190 thousand -. In exchange for a promise to return his seized coffee products. One of the former opera, Vyacheslav Denisov, who was involved in getting money, pleaded guilty (he was sentenced to 3.5 years probation), and told that Bozhkov personally supervised the transfer of bribes.

Kudelko on confrontation as recognized Bozhkova - a person with whom the operative Kirichkov who received money during a conversation is constantly moving away to the side and took counsel how to "senior colleague." However, three years ago Bozhkov managed to escape from the charges, saying the accusations are slander Kudelko.

However, there is in this scandal is another nuance that, for various reasons, were not widely advertised.

Let's start with the fact that the sensational "coffee case" means also a former employee of the 28th Division of Operational Investigative Bureau №6 DEB MIA (with the rank of lieutenant), the ex-head of the railway stations of Directorate of Security Service of JSC "Russian Railways", son of the governor Vladimir region, Vladimir Orlov, Svetlana Orlova.

According to witnesses, it was Eagles in April 2007 initiated the withdrawal of the party from Kudelko coffee. And, by the way, it was his talking 9-year-old participants of extortion known as "the master of the theme."

At the present time in relation to Mr. Orlov materials allocated in a separate proceeding. And nothing - well, quite a commonplace criminal case. Where are the cops in Russia do not steal, do not rape, do not rob? But that's only the public has reasonable concerns about the fact that "coffee mafia", as called on the governor of Vladimir region ne'er-do-son, will be able to avoid responsibility for their actions.

And these concerns - not unfounded, because the protection (or, more precisely, a "roof") intends to grant the offender is none other than ex-senator from Kalmykia, a prominent United Russia, a member of the Supreme Qualification Collegium of Judges Michael Kapoor. Who prior to his entering the Senate he became famous not only as an odious lawyer, "otmazatsya" from prosecution is not a criminal authority, but also as a "reshalschik" criminal schemes having corrupt ties. After the inglorious departure from the Senate - as trite conman, "throwing himself" Federation Council member Ralif Safina at $ 2 million.

In addition, as it turned out, Mr. Kapoor - as it does not Kapoor, and a completely different person. Which, according to the news agency "Regnum", in reality it has a different name - and not Jewish, as now, but of Caucasian origin - Muzafarovich Samir Aliyev.

According to the senator from the Vladimir region of Anton Belyakov, Governor Svetlana Orlova initially plans to promote Mr. Kapoor in the Duma seat, and then the above - again in the Federation Council, where Mikhail memory of old breaks all imaginable and unimaginable ways.

So, Michael Kapoor (aka, recall and employ Vladimir Orlov at the Interior Ministry after his friend and fellow countryman, the deputy head of DEP Russian Interior Ministry, General Constantine Pirtskhalava) even took part in the recent regional primaries "United Russia" - with the aim, in order to pave the path to tasty deputy's post.

Meanwhile, his calculation is not justified, because the preliminary vote (in the federal part of the list) Mr. Kapoor unpresentable took 3rd place (typing miserable 30.38% of the votes). Despite the fact that they hired PR capital, where the customer explicitly saved, poke across the Vladimir region election banners depicting the face of his client ... next to a portrait of Marshal Zhukov. On-achingly touching inscription: "Thank you for the victory." Well, but now the Russians finally learned what it rascal (we do not mean Zhukov), the country is obliged to victory in World War II ...

Nevertheless, the notorious administrative resource has not been canceled. And it is clear, that depends, if not all, very much on the preferences of the incumbent governor. Including - behind the scenes pushing dubious personalities on important positions, cynically disguised as "national will".

It seems to us - just in the same situation. After all, who would seem to turn the language to denounce the bureaucratic mother, beloved son which was on the verge of a prison cell? And therefore, it is absolutely not rule out the possibility that, in exchange for the justification of his son, Svetlana Orlova, lie the bones in order to bring back Michael Kapoor from political oblivion.

No wonder that at the moment in the "coffee mafia" observed suspicious discrepancies. For example, as witnesses in the sensational case is a series of former investigators and former head of the investigation department of the Ministry of Interior. But they stubbornly ignore the summons, and therefore the court decided on their compulsory drive. Which, it should be noted, for some mysterious reason have not yet been executed.

Experts believe that everything that happens can only point to the fact that Michael Kapoor, a member VKKS the Russian Federation, he has already begun to use its communication Moscow, trying to destroy the criminal case, which featured Vladimir Orlov. And this note is not a joke: people like Kapoor, for the sake of their own well-being ready to any "black dog" clean up and whitewash.

"Otmazatsya" because in Kalmykia Samir Muzafarovich pedophile attributable relative of an official from the environment chapter of the republic Alexei Orlov ( "lucky" as his representatives of this family). So what "coffee mafia" worse for him, especially when at stake - a lot of money and blatantly pilfer (otherwise you could not tell) the people power?

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