Kaliningrad Region Governor Nikolai Tsukanov threatens to give his subordinates spit and bring them to the streets to clean grass. According to the head of the region, it is too high.

Social activists, not without sarcasm, said that if this happens, the first with a scythe in his hands will have to pace himself Tsukanov.

"Black hole"?

Mow the grass in the field is simply no one. Turnover improvement specialists acquired gigantic proportions. Because the money in the local housing and communal services it is simply no!

And this despite the fact that utility tariffs in the region is higher than in Siberia and Yakutia!

For example, the recent decision of the regional government in the next three months, prices for housing and communal services will grow by another 13%.

Baltic utility "storms"

As it is known, has long shaken city Baltiysk communal problems. Outraged residents have repeatedly collected folk gatherings, appealed to various authorities and the head of state for help.

In 2014, even held a meeting in Kaliningrad Public Chamber, which considered the unfavorable situation in the western outpost of the country. Due to the collapse of the housing and communal services even offered to introduce external management in the municipality. But we decided not to hurry and to initiate a comprehensive review. But things are there.

In the Baltic Sea is the high cost of thermal energy - 3 thousand 350 rubles 2 kopecks per Gcal.. According to Kirill Yutkin, Kaliningrad heating costs only 2000 rubles 10 kopecks per Gcal.

In the Baltic municipality is located at the seaside, winter passes softer and warmer by 2-4 degrees than in the regional capital. However, charges for heating Balts expose a region with severe Siberian frosts.

The Government headed by Governor Tsukanov on residents protest did not respond.

The Passion of the stadium

Recently, in the region there was a scandal with the construction of the stadium for the World Cup. It turned out that it is constructed on the ground with the floating ground. And any facilities at this location inappropriate.

But the stadium cost $ 15 million. Built almost half. Moreover, the general contractor is building company "GlobalElektroServis" winning row with virtually no competition.

As antikorruptsionery assure firm has connections in the regional government. And obviously with the knowledge of Nicholas Tsukanov!

My relatives - my wealth?

But everything is in order with the financial situation of the closest relatives of the governor.

Spouse twin sister of the governor Yevgeny Lutsenko, head of control and operational management of the regional government, and daughter Elena Kretova before the birth of his grandson Tsukanov was an employee of the department of the governor's protocol.

Swat chapter of the region, Yuri Chrétien was recently employed CEO of yet unfinished Gusev municipal waste sorting plant. No luck career in government at the son of the governor Yuri Tsukanov.

Father was already taken him to his assistant position (Yuri Nikolaevich was even included in the official phone of government directory), but after the burst in the media scandal Tsukanov Sr. had to pretend that nothing like this, then the son "came up" already in Palace of sports "Amber" in the position of commercial director.

And here's another interesting information.

Svetlana Tsukanov, the wife of the Governor

"Gusev micromotor» Ltd. (parent company, 100%), OOO "Our Town" (Founder and CEO, 100%).

The total amount of state contracts - 3.26 million rubles.

With "Gusev micromotor" was connected with one of the first scandals after intercession Nikolai Tsukanov for governor. In 2011, "Gusev micromotor" regional government sold two apartments for 3.26 million rubles., Without being specialized in the organization of construction. The owner of the company, on RUGRAD.EU data, in October 2010, shortly before the procurement and almost simultaneously with the appointment of Nikolai Tsukanov, Svetlana became Tsukanov.

Apart from this episode, the wife of Nicholas Tsukanov company only once to try his luck in the PPL, said in June 2012 on the request for quotations for the Development of playgrounds near four residential homes in Gusev.

It is noteworthy that with the company Svetlana Tsukanova equip Gusevsky site was declared infamous company "Amatel" the elder brother of the governor Andrey Tsukanov. In the competitive struggle the wife and brother of the governor of a state contract eventually received Andrey Tsukanov, offering to build four playgrounds for 289.6 thousand. Rub.

Another company Svetlana Tsukanova - Ltd. "Our Town" - specializes in the construction work and is located in another building in Gusev - on the main avenue, 21. However, as the first company Svetlana Tsukanova, too, is mainly engaged in renting out your own property. According to this account at another 22 companies, among them - of "a priori" a son of the governor Yuri Tsukanov and still the same SPC "Amatel" brother - Andrei Tsukanov.

Yuri Tsukanov, the eldest son of the governor

STC "Tehinvestmed Plus", JSC STC "Tehinvestmed" (Founder, 50% partner - Jury Ananyin), "Apriori" OOO (Founder and CEO, 100%).

The total amount of government contracts: 40.3 million (2013), 0.4 million (2012), 27.8 million (2011).

As commercial director troubled DS "Amber", the eldest son of the governor Yuri Tsukanov clearly does not live on one salary. Nikolai Tsukanov rewrote his son, probably all his Semi-Medical business that has built during his eight-year stay in Moscow.

Now engaged in the supply of pacemakers Yuri Nikolaevich jointly with partner Yuriy Ananyin carrying out the operational management of the company to the CEO position.

ZAO STC "Tehinvestmed" is actively involved in public procurement across the country, but not always come out the winner in a competition.

But in other regions, "Tehinvestmed" Russia confidently works in electronic trading, and the geography of deliveries of pacemakers is very wide: Stavropol Territory, Bashkortostan, Samara and Yaroslavl regions, Tuapse and even departmental case management Hospital President of the Russian Federation.

In addition to the medical business, the eldest son Nikolai Tsukanov owned company "a priori", specializing in entertainment in Gusev.

Andrew Nadezhda Tsukanov, the elder brother and the mother of the governor

STC "AMATEL" OOO (Andrey Tsukanov, founder and CEO, 90%, Hope Tsukanov - 10%).

The total amount of government contracts: 13.3 million (2013), 8.2 million (2012), 0.1 million (2011).

Became widely known after the purchase of FAP, the company "Amatel" participating in public procurement in 2011, almost immediately after the arrival of Nikolay Tsukanov on the governor's post. Began brother Andrei Tsukanov Governor and their mother Nadezhda Tsukanov small: in 2011, built a playground in the village of Mayakovsky Gusev district for 107 thousand rubles.. The following year Tsukanov took several contracts for the improvement of children's playgrounds.

Last year they opened a new direction in the business - the supply and installation of modular medical stations. Relatives of Nicholas Tsukanov had a hand in three FAPam in Ozersk, Gusev and Nesterovsky District totaling RUB 5,460,000. In these competitions, "Amatel" sign one.

In 2013, "Amatel" won a controversial tender for supply of FAP, with the price of one item increased to 2.2 million rubles., And another 0.2 million in a day when there was a scandal, "Amatel" took over the foundation equipment under FAP.

With regard to the activities of the mother and brother Tsukanov outside the business, Hope Tsukanov Governor met his mother for a long time in Gusev district council deputies, monitoring the work of his son - head of the district - and voting in favor of his proposal.

Sergei Tsukanov, a cousin of the governor

LLC "Lava" (Sergei Tsukanov, Founder and CEO - 52%, Tatiana Ivarovskaya - 48%).

The total amount of government contracts: 1.98 million (2013), 1,760,000 (2012), 3.4 million (2011).

Nikolai Tsukanov has another brother, cousin - Sergey Tsukanov. He also has his own business, not less actively developing with the help of public procurement. However, output of "Love" outside of his native region of Gusev Sergey Tsukanov is not possible to: the company's participation in a competition in any other areas of the Kaliningrad region (Ozersk, Krasnoznamensk and Chernyakhovsk) was short for cousin governor failure.

But procurement administration at Gus's all right: 18 competitions, which involved Ltd. "Lava", the victory was won in all. The company is engaged in minor repairs of sidewalks, as well as the laying of tiles on the street of Gusev. The amount of the contracts varies from 17 thousand. Rub. . To 448 thousand It is only two Gusev sidewalk were renovated on a grand scale - for 1.73 million and 1.23 million rubles..

It is noteworthy that almost all the victories for "Lava" competition she was the only competitor - the company "Vinogradov and CO", which always loses!

After such "successes" of the Kaliningrad Governor with undisguised family of corruption, they must be interested in the power structures.

And then, perhaps, Tsukanov have to mow the grass in the other, far from amber edge locations.