The first deputy director of "Rossetti" Roman Berdnikov said the sale of all state-owned energy assets. According Budargin slave, will be sold to all the key regions of the electricity supply companies (!) Included in the holding company, but "Yantarenergosbyta" because it is located in the area of ​​non-price energy market. In general, all that can be sold sell.

In addition to this, there is another "good" news. Budargin after the payment of dividends for 2015 (1.8 billion rubles) is going to raise a "financial Harvest" even with the subsidiaries. A huge amount of payments of about 23 billion rubles.

This is despite the fact that the results of 2015, "Rossetti" net loss under RAS in the amount of 18.2 billion rubles due to the revaluation of subsidiaries and associated companies at the present value, at the same time strongly influenced by the assessment of PJSC "Lenenergo" and PJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid ".

According to experts, it is now a huge problem at the state-owned company. Net loss "Rosset" in accordance with IFRS in 2014 amounted to 24.3 billion rubles. "Rossetti" increased loss under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for 2013 of 81 times - up to 250.338 billion rubles from 3.1 billion rubles in 2012. Total debt of at least 612 billion rubles.

Perhaps it would be possible to take the necessary amount of the dividends. But Budargin plans. The clerk today, June 17, has received 1.5 billion rubles in credit from the Chinese "AySiBiSi Bank (100%" daughter »Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited - ICBC Ltd).

"Ruin" in "Rosset"

Mr. Budargin brought the management of the company to such a situation that in April of this year, a "daughter" of "Rossetti" - FGC UES has filed a lawsuit against the other "daughter" of "Lenenergo" at 3.5 billion rubles.

The formal reason for the Court that "Lenenergo", due to undershoot their tariffs in recent years, which sets the city regulator, could not pay FGC UES, which is the cost of services is approved on the federal level. It turns out, CSF should make a complaint to the Government of St. Petersburg.

But despite the fact that the Smolny does not absolve itself of responsibility and promises to compensate for lost income "Lenenergo" of 22 billion rubles in 2020, FGC actually wants to bankrupt "Lenenergo".

Recall, on corruption in "Lenenergo", known to many. The situation began to spin out of control and revision commission "Rosset" in early December last year, too, appreciated the work of "Lenenergo" managers as "unsatisfactory", and then the head of "Rossetti" Oleg Budargin said that the change of the top management of the company - it is his principled position.

In other words, we decided to clean up the "affairs" in "Lenenergo" and it looks like to advertise, or to bring to the investigation of the activities of the shareholders no hotel.Stoit recalled that Budargin led FGC ( "Rosset" predecessor) from 2011 to 2013. During this time, the volume of financial irregularities in the CSF totaled 900 million rubles.

It is for this assessment came the staff of the Presidential Control Management. Moreover, 72% of FGC unrealized construction throughout "Rosset" structure.

For while the FGC led Budargin, OAO "UES FGC" actively involve money through bond issues, with about 100 billion rubles from the total amount to 184 billion money "Vnesheconombank", which, inter alia, manages pension savings of Russians.

Interestingly, the "Russian network" led by Oleg Budargin offered retail companies (ESCOs) to restructure more than 130 billion rubles. debt for electricity. But make FGC write off the debt "Lenenergo" Budargin can not or does not want to!

But even debt forgiveness looks at "Rosset" doubtful. Allegedly, at the beginning of the year the total debt to the grid companies amounted to 137 billion rubles., To guaranteeing suppliers accounted for 97 billion rubles., Cited figures representative of "Rossetti".

If we take only the debt service, which the payment period has arrived, its size will be 28 billion rubles. So, three times less!

The experts have the opinion that IDGC management intends to overstate the debt for the purpose of asset stripping. A regional company offering to negotiate through restructuring. Those who do not agree with the actions of "Rossetti", the security forces are under pressure. Practically, this means the pressure from the "Rosset"! At the same time, "Rossetti" ready to receive the status of a supplier for all of their IDCs.

Beat in population

Recall that in December 2015 under control "Rosset" IDGC demanded 24 billion rubles in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Such a sum can deliver the verge of bankruptcy region. The Company estimates the amount of such supposedly for lost tariff revenues in 2010-2013, when the regulator considered the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant of its client. Note IDGC of Siberia owns distribution networks in the Siberian Federal District, is controlled by, "Rosset" (55.6%). Loss for the first six months of 2015 amounted to 1.3 billion rubles. against a profit of 1.28 billion rubles. in 2014.

Moreover, the structure of "Rossetti" actually got hold of "EnergoTrest" OOO (Tver), have been subjected to unlawful criminal prosecution, initiated by PJSC "IDGC of Center". And because of the claims of PJSC "IDGC of Center" heads of "EnergoTrest" Potekhin, Shadrin and Konchenko were arrested and put in jail, where the second year.

As media reports, the attack on the "EnergoTrest" allegedly stands PJSC "Russian network", which is headed by Mr. Budargin.


Speaking about the theft in "Rosset", it is worth remembering the corruption scandal in the Chelyabinsk branch of JSC "IDGC of Urals" (controlled by PJSC "Rossetti").

Representatives of the contractors told the public that "Chelyabenergo" for several years now thrive "kickbacks and cuts", and according to market participants, "from state-owned companies during this time could be withdrawn hundreds of millions of rubles."

For example, a victim of the structure, "Rosset" became the leaders of the company "EnergoTrest" (Tver), have been subjected to unlawful criminal prosecution, initiated by PJSC "IDGC of Center".

Removed competitor?

Oleg is very afraid for his seat. More recently, it could displace the head-controlled "Rosset" FGC Andrew Moores.

Back in April Moores presented the strategy of development of the electric grid complex of the Far East, Vladimir Putin personally, although formally subordinate to the head of FGC "Rosset" - jumped over her head Budargin. Then, on the assertions of Andrew Murov FGC is capable without losing profitability to invest in long projects of the Far East, 42% of the 490 billion rubles. Federal investment in the 2016-2020 biennium. Moores really wanted to take the place of Budargin. But ... recently removed from his post as head of his father Andrey Murov FSO Yevgeny Murov. It is said that the reason was the protection of high-ranking civil servant to his son. What allegedly reported to the Kremlin Budargin.

And it came to the next episode. Recall, March 5, 2015 the representatives of JSC "ECMC UES" (FGC) and Jiangsu Hengtong HV Power System signed a direct contract for the supply of cables to the Crimea, without any tender or order base.

According to some media, the marginal cost of the work amounted to 47.66 billion rubles. VAT included in the prices of 2015, which will be allocated from the state budget. Moores had actually purchase without tender. In the lobby say that the elder Moores made a few calls, and claims from the security forces to his son did not have any.

And now, when Budargin longer afraid Murov, deprived of his "roof", he began to sell "Rossetti", simultaneously taking the Chinese loans and paying dividends.