The criminal case of theft of company property "TekhInvestStrojj" (v. 30 and v. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) was opened almost three years ago, in September 2016. The reason for this was the statement of the owner of 47.5% stake in an offshore company Katton Ltd Dmitry Ivanchenko of the illegal sale of shares, and depriving him of his rights to shares management Katton Ltd, which through an intermediary company "Gastobravo" belonging to the Russian company "TekhInvestStrojj".

According to the businessman, his former business partners Alexander Rubtsov and Olga Evstafieva (all three by possession Katton Ltd company controlled by a number of Russian companies involved in the production and sale of rolled metal) attempted theft of his property - without the consent of the sold shares of a subsidiary of a Cyprus company Gustobravo Ltd.

As stated in the case, Alexander Rubtsov and Dmitry Ivanchenko, who owned 50% of shares Katton Ltd, entered into the business of the financial director of Olga Evstafiev, which each of the partners transferred 2.5% of shares in an offshore company. After some time, and Rubtsov quarreled Ivanchenko Olga Evstafieva took the side of the latter. The site published a letter from a lawyer, a registrar Katton Ltd, Andreas Peter, which he warns Alexander Rubtsov and Olga Evstafyev of malice Dmitry Ivanchenko, together with the company's lawyer Larisa Pozhidaeva issue all over as sole owner.


Rubtsov and Evstafiev Dmitry Ivanchenko offered to sell them his stake in the business, and when he refused, on the beneficiaries of an offshore company meeting by a simple majority vote in the spring of 2013 decided to sell 100% of shares of another foreign company. Money from its sale, as assured the lawyers of the accused, Rubtsov and Evstafieva intended to pay off Ivanchenko, but at this time in Cyprus banking crisis broke out, because of what the design calculations procedures with Dmitry Ivanchenko, who engaged a lawyer Denis Krasikov, was thwarted.

In October 2013, the accused were arrested. Lawyer Denis Krasikov, to assist them in the design of the transaction, after 4 months in jail made a confession and was sent under house arrest. Do not plead guilty Evstafieva Olga and Alexander Rubtsov held in jail until November 2014, and then were sent to house arrest.

Rubtsov and Evstafieva sure - Ivanchenko acted under the patronage of Sergei Derevyanko, who at that time held the post of Chief State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District (Sergey Derevianko dismissed May 5, 2014 - ed...). This, they said, in his address to the President of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. From their statements from 2013 shows that since the mid 90-ies between Sergey Derevianko and Dmitry Ivashchenko were tight relationship, backed by regular payments, the value of which the beginning of 2013 reached 15 000 dollars a month. According to the accused, Derevianko invited Rubtsov and Evstafyev to a meeting in his office to acquaint them with Dmitry Kondrashov - the ex-employee of the special unit "Alfa" FSB of Russia, and now a member of the Public Council under the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Central Federal District. Derevianko has hinted that the problems can be avoided if the assets will be transferred Ivanchenko. Since the end of May 2013 management of Russian subsidiaries "Catton» receive calls from the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Central Federal District of employees Kurnik R. and B. Silanteva with the requirement to appear for an interview, to provide information and documents relating to the Company's activities.

Formally, the investigation was completed in August 2014. Deadline for house arrest, under which there is no bail Evstafieva Olga and Denis Krasikov, expired. The defendants were released on bail.

However, in April 2015 during the examination of the preventive measures revealed that the number of volumes in almost doubled - from 85 to 153. As a result of this scandal, the Moscow City Court refused to extend the arrest of persons involved in the case and issued a special ruling consequence - the inadmissibility of combining "familiarization with the materials under investigation case "a" legal investigation, collection of evidence for it. " Investigators had two choices: either to reduce the case-file to the previous volume, or to reopen the investigation and "complete the formation of" new volumes. Investigative Department (SD) of the Interior Ministry chose the second option - the investigation was reopened in June 2015.

Businessmen still do not agree with the charges, their lawyers say that in fact there is no evidence of illegal transactions with shares. The defense also argues that in fact there are records of negotiations of the former business partners, from which it follows that the decision to eliminate Dmitry Ivanchenko among the beneficial owners' TekhInvestStrojj "and to conclude an agreement on the purchase and sale of shares Gustobravo company was made at the beneficiary meeting in April 2013, a simple majority of votes, according to the statute Katton and Cyprus legislation. In the case there are indications director Gustobravo Alkmini Pantazi and registrar Katton Andreas Peter, that crimes against their companies did not make, and the deal with the shares corresponds to the laws of Cyprus. Protection says that the investigation reason to question the authors of the statements did not. Also, the protection line marks and in a criminal case there are no documents confirming that Dmitry Ivanchenko was the owner of the shares and Gustobravo "Tehinveststroya".

Dmitry Ivanchenko insists that the sale of shares made illegally. In addition, in the case file referred to a similar transaction for the sale of shares in two other offshore companies associated with the ownership of CJSC "Metallokomplekt-M" and LLC "Northwest Pipe Plant". The beneficiaries of these companies were Alexander Rubtsov, Dmitry and Olga Ivanchenko Evstafieva. They may become defendants in new criminal cases in the near future.