The general public, Mr. Kovalenko became known after a conflict with street racing Eric "Daviditch" Kituashvili who took a series of videos on how to head of the Moscow traffic police built a corrupt hierarchy in the service.

Moreover, the "road activist" said the head of the Moscow traffic police Victor Kovalenko at the time bought his office for three million dollars. But no action to protect the dignity of not ...

Kituashvili just put in jail, where he had extorted money and threatened to kill him.

"Hunting on Daviditch"

A series of rollers which took Kituashvili called "Hunting Daviditch. Strike II. Nothing personal". They are street racing and activist raised questions such as dual nationality head of traffic police in Moscow Victor Kovalenko, the work of registration departments, as well as trade in "beautiful" license plate, which GIBDDshniki put on stream.

It was the continuation of the investigation of corruption in the police circles in Moscow. But the release of the film was followed by the arrest of an activist. It was not shocking. Kituashvili appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to pay special attention to the machinations of unscrupulous officials. And, above all, the chief of the Moscow police burly Victor Kovalenko.

"How it is possible to take the thieves hotel in Moscow? It is necessary to go to a certain room, thank a certain person and obtain any beautiful, thug, a good number plate. Corruption component to identify, catch the hand is almost impossible. Brilliant scheme, "- said in" Daviditch "film.

As found Kituashvili Kovalenko built system, thanks to which from abroad, allegedly imported cars, and then the Moscow customs officers were given the technical means of a passport. And then the most interesting thing about this passport owner registered the car in MREO, then insured in Ingosstrakh, and three months later appealed to the police a statement about the hijacking. Ingosstrakh compensated for the full value of the alleged stolen car!

Frauds 11 times has been done! Thanks to her, "werewolves in epaulets" earned 3 million rubles. But in the case of 12 security forces uncovered a scheme: car actually was not - all the documents obtained from photographs of the same Mercedes !!!

Video taken from Youtube link

"Daviditch" and experts believe that these "things" ran the head of the Moscow traffic police Victor Kovalenko.

Interestingly, almost all the scandals associated with the traffic police in the last few years, took place in the offices, which are just run by Victor Kovalenko.

It is worth to remember what happened the removal of state registration plates with a combination of prestigious figures in the region of 77 777 out of a total series of state registration signs, sent for delivery to citizens. What for? As it turned out, "thieves" numbers were sold to wealthy owners.

According to the activists, after the transfer of "thieves rooms" in MOGTOTRER №4 STSI Directorate of the MOI of Russia in Moscow they returned to the warehouse of special products 5 Division TSRERTN UAMTS STSI Directorate of the MOI of Russia for the city of Moscow. And then we realized.

So, in April of 2013 as a result of operational search activities Security State Russian Interior Ministry and investigating authorities had found an entire criminal group consisted of employees of units in the said Centre under the direction of Konstantin Vasyuta, spec. spetstrasse battalion DPS STSI Directorate of the MOI of Russia in Moscow and civilians. The group engaged in selling of driver's licenses.

Interestingly, neither Constantine Vasyuta or his immediate superior - Victor Kovalenko, no questions arise.

Note that the employees have been convicted Daviditch 3rd separate battalion of traffic police on Moscow's Central Administrative District, headed by Kovalenko. The video was filmed on camera. Realizing this. officials tried to escape!

Video taken from youtube link

Later the video was posted with these facts, carried out checks on them, where staff were later dismissed, and Mr. Kovalenko announced recovery. From that moment it began a real "hunting Daviditch".

"There are two chairs"

Familiar with the situation around Victor Kovalenko people say that the Colonel still has dual nationality, which is prohibited by law.

After "Daviditch" began to publish their videos-investigation, he began to call former employees of traffic police talking about lawlessness Kovalenko. Kituashvili also called male prostitute, who said that a senior police officer used his services.

Gay told Daviditch as a man like Kovalenko, "shoot" him in a bar in the capital, and offered "fuck" for 28 thousand. Rubles, which he, given its difficult situation and did.

Video taken from Youtube link

Sexual orientation - it is definitely everyone's business. But we now know the cost of the police "prices" for this type of service.

However, it is the disclosure of this fact, probably, was the last straw of patience Chief of Traffic Police Department of the Main Control Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow.

Of course, Eric "Daviditch" is not the angel numerous violators of traffic and just "Hamley". But if its investigation is true, then Alexei Kovalenko - one of the most serious corrupt officials in Moscow, falls apart all the service traffic. As a minimum, the Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev need to arrange check road state inspection.
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