"None of United Russia, we will not take - Remezkov with which we are currently negotiating an exception", - said Vladimir Zhirinovsky's son, the head of the supreme council of the LDPR, Igor Lebedev.

Remezkov himself refused to comment on the situation. It seems that United Russia is really "will move" in the Liberal Democratic Party. After all, he had not even participated in the primaries, allegedly due to a conflict with the new governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev.


Generally Remezkova as ironically emphasize fighters against corruption, more suitable "party rapists", instead of "crooks and thieves." Claims to the parliamentarian is really a lot. On the same Remezkov Kondratiev quarreled after this year's Federal Property Management Agency found that 3 ha in the coastal strip of the Black Sea were captured by the family of the State Duma deputy Alexander Remezkova!

Now the Federal Property Management Agency in the court requires the cancellation of the agreement with the tenant Jeanne Arefieva (Remezkova sister) and reclamation of unlawful possession of 3 hectares in the coastal strip of the Black Sea.

After all, the object at the site registered as a rehabilitation center. In fact, there is a family holiday home for Remezkova.

The plot in the coastal zone area of ​​3.1 hectares crossed rent Arefieva Jeanne in 2008 from "Rosresurs", which won the bid for the right to lease land in 2004 and signed a contract with the Department of Property Relations of the region. The validity of this tender is now being verified.

The area within the area of ​​0.7 hectares has a burden in the form of special treatment of land use in the sanitary protection zone of the Black Sea. Already in 2009 Aref'eva registered ownership of the new property, built on the site - "rehabilitation center" for 150 people, an area of ​​1.4 thousand sq. M. m.

By the way, the Department of Property Relations of the region was not competent to dispose of the coastal territory, related to protected areas under federal jurisdiction. Fighters with corruption say no center is not there - it's just the residence of the Krasnodar elite!

So, the organization "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus" published information that under the guise of a rehabilitation center in Tuapse region built VIP-residence in the territory of which the locals have seen the former vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Remezkova, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation!

The court fined Jeanne Aref'eva 3.5 thousand. Rub. for the illegal construction of the fence, and Sochi interdistrict environmental prosecutor appealed to the court on the demolition of a number of objects of the rehabilitation center.

In mid-2015 the court ordered Ms Aref'eva carry unauthorized objects on the beach - pool, sauna, dock and sea wall, in September last year, the decision was reversed, in the demolition of objects denied! It is said that assist the administration of governor of the region ...

State Duma deputy Alexander Remezkov expressed outrage publications "Ekovahty". But the most interesting comment on the merits of claims "Ekovahty" Mr. Remezkov not.

Remezkova call almost openly duplicitous. He - the initiator of the law, "Dima Yakovlev" prohibits adoptions by foreign nationals. At the same time, his eldest son Stepan in 2005 he studied at the elite private schools in the UK: Malvern College, Fettes College, CATS Canterbury College, in 2009 moved to the United States, where he enrolled in the Military College Valley Forge. Middle son Nicholas - c 2008 studying in the UK Malvern College private school. The younger daughter Masha - from September 2012 living in Vienna, where he is engaged in gymnastics.

On the wife of the deputy land in Austria were recorded area of ​​1211 square meters. m and an apartment of 76 square meters. m in the same place. So if "thunder clap", the MP will go to the alpine mountains.

For Remezkova will not be a problem to cross from one party to another. After all, this MP has no principles.