Recently in the media was the news that Alisher Usmanov will build a complex machine between Vernadsky Prospekt and Kosygin Street, near from Sparrow hills in Moscow. It would seem that here such construction site more construction site less than a huge metropolis. Meanwhile, as found out The Moscow Post, for this project is a large "scam."

Economics Institute of Housing and Communal Services (HCS IE) was established on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union. "Office" with not entirely clear objectives was to plan the economy of the Soviet ZhEKov in new economic conditions. And if not for the collapse of the Union, and it still existed in the form in which was set up as many as hundreds of useless Soviet institutions.

However, after the collapse of a huge empire, IE was corporatized utilities and was left alone with their problems and the vast territory of 2 hectares in the elite district of Moscow on Vernadsky Avenue, exactly opposite the Sparrow Hills.

From money to a heart attack

The former director Igor Bychkouski survived as best he could. Institute executed orders for the various regional organizations, as well as leased premises of the Institute. The latter, incidentally, was the basic form of the institute of income.

Actually, the orders themselves perform other structure - JSC "Advisory and Methodical Center of the Institute of Economics of housing and communal services", created with the basic institutions.

The very same of "IE Utilities" performs most part of an economic entity which disposes of the property and leased premises of the Institute.

Moreover, the organization blacklisted employers. As he wrote one of the former employees' non-performance of obligations (including those with payment problems). " But, initially proposed contract work on very favorable terms. The result - high staff turnover. Economic Specialist in the state of not more than 3-5. No prospects (live at the expense of rent). "

How many more would continue such peaceful life is unknown. However, in 2006 the Federal Property Management Agency decided to privatize its remaining 20% ​​shares of JSC "Housing IE".

In was then that Igor Bychkovskaya, as the main shareholder of the company, began to experience serious problems. Institute of inherited assets are not very cleanly merchants, who started in the literal sense of "pressing", "communal" institution.

It is clear that neither the institution itself, nor any member of the raiders were not needed. They were interested in the property of 20 thousand sq. Meters, which in today's money worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Stories to capture utilities IE can devote an entire novel. The Moscow Post soon devote a separate article to this. Now let's say that the heart has not sustained Bychkovskaya all judicial vicissitudes, the fight against the raiders, and he died.

the Institute itself through complex financial and other manipulation was in property offshore REMALOR OVERSEAS LIMITED (REMALOR OVERSEAS LIMITED), owned by businessman Alisher Usmanov.

As you can see from the list of affiliated persons in 2010, to the death Bychkovskaya IE utilities owned by different entities, and 50% of the shares owned by himself Bychkouski.

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The list of affiliates for 2010

And in 2015 the Institute owns a Cypriot "office".

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(Picture at full size, you can see the link)

List of affiliated persons for 2015

When the cause is taken oligarch

How to write "Vedomosti", "Structure businessman Alisher Usmanov acquired a project apartment complex between Vernadsky Avenue and st. Kosygin, opposite the Sparrow Hills ", - told the realtor, who worked with the object."

To be more precise, at Vernadsky d. 4, p. 2, where, according to the first list of affiliated persons, the institution was located.

The documents for the construction of states that will implement the project PJSC «Institute of Economics, Housing and Communal Services (HCS IE).

Meanwhile, Usmanov acquire what he already was, it was not meaningful.

That's just not clear what the institution was engaged all the time, if on real scientific and technical developments, judging from the reviews, working only two or three people

Although, if you go to the page IE utilities, "office" directly holds a giant project work.

Ignorant man, looking back, gasp - it's a team must pore over such tasks to be solved at the level of our giant state.

Only, if you look at the documents, all the "huge" staff moved to the Prospect Vernadsky d. 4, p. 2 at a different address 1st Tverskaya lane, 18. At this point, there is a part of the business center "Guns" which is another structure Usmanov "MegaFon" has acquired in the autumn of 2015.

Over 2 hectares of staff of the Institute was not enough, and they have occupied several offices in the business center, freeing more than 20 thousand sq. M. on Vernadsky Prospekt, where the cost of luxury housing starts from 500 thous. rubles per square meter. m.

This is the place where once was the Institute, and is building the machine complex. By the way, the average size of the apartment will be 160 square meters. m. That is, its value will be the very minimum 80 mln. rub., or $ 1 million. 200 thousand.

It is noteworthy that the Cyprus' Remalor Overseas Limited ", which owns utilities IE in turn owns the other" office "from the same country Epion Holdings, but its ultimate beneficiary and name of Alisher Usmanov.

Alisher Usmanov, who "alloy" of employees of IE utilities from Sparrow Hills in offices in 1st Tverskaya Lane

Epion Holdings owned by another Russian oligarch "Khimki Groups", which implement projects of the Olympic Village in Novogorske. However, the construction of the unit complex has a lot of experience in this business, "Khimki Groups" engaged for some reason will not.

The immediate demolition of old buildings and construction of new homes has been another Usmanov offshore "Yuesem development".

It would seem, why the firm, has proved its worth and to implement such an ambitious project as the construction of the Olympic Village was not attracted to the same large building.

The answer is self-evident. The fact that Cyprus' Remalor Overseas Limited "laid the estate and the stock of the Institute under the loan to 3.2 billion rubles ($ 48.48 million), ie at a price of 160 thousand. Rub. per sq. m. Sberbank. That is "fat" at a minimum price of 500 thousand. Rub. get 340 thousand., for the quarter. m., or 6 billion. 800 thousand. rub. ($ 103 million) for the entire complex.

By the way, Usmanov, as stated, is going to read in "duty" the amount "report" 600 mn. Rub., Or about 9 million. Dollars.

This raises a legitimate question, why would a man who takes the 3rd place in the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 12 billion. "Soil oneself" with a loan of $ 48 million?

And here it is necessary to look at the extract from the register, where black and white, that the IE utilities shares and property which are laid, "Sberbank" - "is in the process of reorganization in the form of separation", after which the institution will continue its work.

Extract from EGRUL

For those who do not know, explain that when the company reorganized through spin-off, it is simply divided into two separate parts.

In this case, the institution that owns 2 hectares on Vernadsky Prospekt and where there is a construction unit complex, becomes independent, but with a pledged property company.

Two hectares, your not my understanding ...

Again, that the loan secured by the property of the Institute issued by Sberbank, which is headed by German Gref. And who can assign a credit of 3.2 bn. Rub., To solve it, too.

How to dispose of assets worth $ 103 million. German Gref

Note that these operations, controlled by "Sberbank", OOO Sberbank has already held assets of Pavlovskgranit.

Just as with the Gref Usmanov "resolves" the construction of the Olympic Village in the suburban Novogorske

And the fact that these assets will subsequently Gref "fused" structures close to it, is a little doubt.

So even the uninitiated will become clear in whose hands will leave the multi-million property in the elite district of Moscow, exactly opposite the Sparrow Hills.

The object, where in place of IE Housing Institute elite unit complex will be built

In sum, one can come to a very sad conclusion. Some scammers "pressed" Institute, the territory on which it is located is about 10 bln. Rub. ($ 151.5 million). The other "comrades" in the face of a businessman Usmanov structures subsequently took possession of the property. Now, with the help of third persons, namely - "Savings Bank" and its head German Gref, will be in the area to build luxury housing and sell it.

Meanwhile, the few idealists who stayed to work in IE utilities will swallow the dust in the offices at 1st Tverskaya lane and pore over the project, the need for which causes a lot of issues for quite moderate, but the average salary.

Rights was Otto von Bismarck, who said that "the revolution is prepared geniuses do romance, and enjoy the fruits - the villains."
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