Petersburg arbitration declared bankrupt OOO "Intarsia". The fact that the company was unable to pay the LLC "Investment and construction company NCC." NCC has developed for the project documentation for clinical and toxicological Chemical Safety Center has not received its 1.7 million rubles!

Recall, the largest row "Intarsia" state order - the construction of their federal medical research center. VA Almazov of 4.8 billion rubles.

The company was the contractor CJSC "Tristar Investment Holdings" for the construction of Four Season hotel worth more than $ 200 million in St. Petersburg. Note that this project is part of a portfolio VIYM Fund, which is the managing partner Andrey Yakunin, son of the former president of the Russian Railways.

In October 2009 "Tristar" concluded with "Intarsia" contract for 2.1 billion rubles. for a period of 13 months. But the project was delayed, and the opening of the hotel repeatedly postponed. The trial is still.

But after the introduction of bankruptcy proceedings are terminated all executive proceedings against the debtor and imposed a moratorium on repayment of the debt, so all creditors OOO "Intarsia" will be able to satisfy their demands only through participation in the bankruptcy proceedings !!!

However, there is one problem. During the bankruptcy proceedings are opening scheme of the company ...

"Intarsia" called close to the former managing director of President Vladimir Kozhin, a year ago surrendered control Smirnov in the construction business of its holding billionaire Boris Rotenberg. This is understandable: Kozhin "left" for dubious affairs.

But Kozhin together with Smirnov could have time to crap a lot of things with "Intarsia". So, "Intarsia" restored the Kremlin and the church in the village of Putin's parents. Rumor has it that Kozhin "got burned" in the collaboration of this kind.

It should be noted that the total cost of the reconstruction and restoration of the Eastern Wing of the General Staff of the Hermitage Museum has increased from 10.6 billion to 15 billion rubles. It is not clear why, but it's "Intarsia".

Yet it is worth noting that in the contracts concluded with "Intarsia" Smolninskaya Foundation for Investment Projects, laid the formula according to which an adjustment (increase) in the value of the received works. Funding went through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

Another minority owner "Intarsia" - Gennady Yavnik, who is also the head of the charity fund "Constantine" and Yavnik involved in a number of "charity pro-government projects."

Vladimir Kozhin, the former manager of the president of the Russian Federation

Yavnik, according to experts, it is also connected with the "Transneft". It has long been observed that the head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev is a "secret sponsor" Fund "Constantine"

So, for example, in 2009 749 million rubles, one of the daughters of "Transneft" ( "Sibnefteprovod." - Ed.) Was given a certain international charity fund "Constantine", where Nikolai Tokarev is part of the board of trustees.

In 2012, the charitable expenditure "Transneft" amounted to 3.7 billion rubles. against 6.7 billion in 2011, the year. Where the money goes - is still unknown. According to one theory, finance legalize funds Yavnik and then "pililis".

In cases with "Intarsia" lit up very influential people: Yakunin, Rothenberg, Kozhin, Tokarev. The bankruptcy of the company may lead to the whole chain of trials and scandals that have badly hit the rating of the ruling elite.