A law enforcement source reported that the car of Michail Barshchevsky, the Russian government representative in the higher courts, was fired at by people from the Caucasus.  The car was carrying Barshchevsky’s daughter and her husband, businessman Cyril Meshcheryakov.

Natalia Barshchevskaya said in her blog that they were attacked by "three men with bushy beards." Two more, she says, were in a car Porshe Cayenne. In addition, she stressed that the attack was not a consequence of traffic conflict. According to Barshchevskaya, the gunmen were catching up with them on purpose. "At the Garden Ring they tried to squeeze us to the side, sticking out the guns and blocking the road. Then they started shooting," she said.

It is worth mentioning that the incident took place on July 6 at about 6:30 p.m. in Kudrinskaya Garden Street. According to preliminary information, unknown men in a Porsche Cayenne car tried to block the car of Borshchevskaya with her husband, businessman Cyril Meshcheryakov, and when the second car managed to break away from their pursuers, the gunmen opened fire. Several bullets, presumably from a traumatic gun, hit the car. The couple was not injured.

A traffic conflict version was categorically denied by Michael Barshchevsky, father of Natalia. "This was probably not an assassination attempt. I guess they were trying to intimidate my family, but they failed. The first thing that occurred to me (unless, of course, this attack was not directed at me, because in this case I know exactly who is behind it), that it were the same people who attacked Petr Ivanov,” he said.

As The Russian Mafia web-site (rumafia.com) already reported, an attack on a major development company FTSSR CEO Petr Ivanov occurred on May 24 near the office of the company. A young man approached him and hit him on the head with something heavy, and then the young man and his accomplice began beating the businessman. A company employee saw it happening and came to the rescue. Before the escape, one of the assailants fired several shots from a riot gun, aiming at his head. The criminals escaped the crime scene in a white sports convertible Audi TT. According to Anton Peria, the FTSSR lawyer, the attack could have been caused by a conflict between the notorious businessman Sergey Polonsky and Obidov Yasinov, head of the MSM-5, around the residential complex Kutuzovskaya Milya. He explained that in 2002 FTSSR received a state contract for construction of residential buildings,  30% of apartments in which goes to city and the rest to the investor.

"As co-investors to the project we have attracted Avanta (a subsidiary of Mirax Group). However, in 2008 Mirax Group disrupted the project, ending its financing" said Peria. After that FTSSR unilaterally broke the contract with the Avanta saying that he was ready to attract other investments. Avanta filed a lawsuit against FTSSR to the Arbitration Court, demanding payment of 2 billion rubles for works that had been completed, but it lost the two litigations. FTSSR also filed counterclaims against Avanta.

In spring Mosstroymehanizatsiya 5 (MSM-5), owned by Obid Yasinov, a native of Dushambe, the interests of which were promoted by Natalia Barshchevskaya’s husband, Cyril Meshcheryakov. "We were proposed to pass the contract on to them solely on their own terms, the proposal was rejected," said the lawyer, adding that, according to their data, the MSM-5 concluded a contract on sales of apartments in new buildings with the Mirax Group. After that Petr Ivanov began to receive threats, and the last time he was threatened just before the attack, said Peria.

At present, he said, the attack on Petr Ivanov, FTSSR CEO, is being investigated by Moscow Investigative Committee. In this case, it was reclassified from "hooliganism" to "Attempted Murder". "The Committee is now actively investigating the case", said the lawyer. The investigative authorities have confirmed that the case was reclassified, but refused to comment further.

According to Mikhail Barshchevsky, his son-in and the head FTSSR may have a common enemy. "The attack on Cyril is very similar to the attack on Ivanov. At the very least, methods are similar. They are both associated with the project, in which Cyril was trying to help defrauded real estate investors. I am not going to play Sherlock Holmes and suggest who these people are, but one thing is clear: they are not very intelligent".