The Federal Antimonopoly Service approved the petition of National media group (RMG) JSC to acquire 100% of the share capital of Continent Ltd., managing company of the radio station RSNNational media group belongs to the bank Russia

National media group (Russian Radio, Radio Monte Carlo, DFM, Hit FM, Radio Maximum are controlled by top managers of LUKOIL) acquired the frequency 107.0 MHz in Moscow in 2001. Until November 2005 it was the frequency of Russian Radio - 2 broadcasting, which was replaced by RSN. Judging by the audience, RSN in March-May 2011 was the third information-speaking station in Moscow, with a daily audience of 590,000 people (6.2% of the population older than 12). RSN broadcasts only in Moscow but within two years plans to have a broadcasting frequency in St. Petersburg, the right to develop which it won in the competition on June 29. RMG tried to sell RSN several years, hoping to gain 9 million dollars. 

National Media Group in the broadcasting company Petersburg - Channel Five already owns Radio St. Petersburg that broadcasts in a wired network and VHF band in St. Petersburg.  RSN purchase is supported by Aram Gabrelyanov, deputy director of NMG, who offered to take it under control to develop synergy with the newspaper Izvestia (50.19% owned by NMG). According to The Russian Mafia web-site (, Sergey Dorenko, who is likely to remain chief editor of the station after the change of owner, does not support such integration. It was decided that the station will be supervised by Aleksander Ordzhonikidze, NMG CEO.